Laguna Woods, CA

Laguna Woods Homes--Where You Want to Be

The town of Irvine is an easy ten minute drive north. The city of Laguna Beach, CA is a half hour to the west with interstate 5 just five minutes east. As great as these towns are, they are for the younger set with all their noise and activity. If you are a member of the Greatest Generation, why would you want to live in the noisy beach town of Laguna Beach or the boring, city-like life of Irvine when you can be surrounded by like-minded friends who remember the same adventures as you do within the safety of the well-maintained retirement community of Laguna Woods.

You will not hear the interstate as the community is walled-off from it so do not concern yourself about that. However, you will enjoy multiple opportunities for an active social life with all the recreational activities available to you. Therefore, if you can think of a sport or activity to do, you will likely find it available to you and friends which whom to do it.

So what is available in Laguna Woods? Well, one of our newest developments is Laguna Woods Homes. The neighborhood in Laguna Woods is upscale so you can count on pleasant neighbors all with the same idea to maintain the peace and tranquility of life there. Laguna Woods Homes are a delight to see within the busy life of the southern California culture. By the way, did I mention that you are only a half hour drive from Laguna Beach or less from Irvine? That means easy access to plays and the downtown life in the city with the added benefit of escaping the lesser elements of the big city when the entertainment is over.

Right now, there are just a few remaining homes for sale in our community as city residents in Irvine have already discovered us and are flocking to our development. Be careful as you approach us as children will be playing on our quiet streets and likely live close by the remaining homes for sale. There is a reason for this. Laguna Woods Real Estate is worth the investment and it is why Laguna Woods Real Estate is a rapidly growing investment company.

Laguna Woods properties have been around for 13 years now as we plan each property we develop carefully to make it an investment our customers deserve. Laguna Woods properties are well known in the industry for their clean design and how well they are maintained. You will see all this when you see them for the first time.

Laguna Woods Real Estate understands that not everyone fancies a home. Many of our customers prefer our Laguna Woods Condos to our homes and we have several of them still available. However, if that is your preference, please come by quickly as they are going fast. Laguna Woods Condos are a feast for the eyes for their design and easy maintenance. We know you have already made your decision to visit us so we will look forward to seeing you shortly. Welcome home.


Gail Foor
Gail Foor